Abaqus with Lustre file system

Abaqus on lustre file system:

When you run the abaqus on the local file system i.e. ext3/ext4 ,its works fine.

But when I have tried to run abaqus on the lustre file system, It was giving the error:

system funtl error: function not defined

It was hard to troubleshoot this problem, since lustre was working fine. All the users were created on the lustre and users data got transferred on the lustre file system…but we didnt encounter any issue. Even all other hpcc application were working fine.

But after looking more into this issue, when I searched and read document : for lustre + function not defined or implemented.

I have come across special mounting option which is required while mounting lustre file system on the clients. or there is need of change in the application code.

I have used special flag…  ” flock “

mount -t lustre -o user_xattr,acl,flock  <mgs_node>@o2ib:/lustre    /mnt/lustre

Then rerun application, and that worked fine.


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